Monday, July 19, 2010

Dr. Sze and Dr. Quezado Visit Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

In the afternoon, Dr. Raymond Sze and Dr. Zena Quezado visited Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC), a group of health care facilities located on an island that's five miles wide and nine miles long. Managed and directed by the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi, the medical center provides comprehensive care through its Centers of Excellence. Earlier this year, the hospital performed the first-ever pediatric kidney transplant in the UAE, with a 40-year-old donor and a 5-year-old recipient.

Joined by Miriam Markowitz, corporate vice president for strategic planning and business development, and Oussama Elbaba, director of international programs, Dr. Sze and Dr. Quezado presented updates on their respective areas of the Sheikh Zayed Institute, bioengineering and pain medicine. The presentations provoked a lively discussion, especially on the safety of anesthesia and trends and ethics related to pain medicine. When Oussama reported that Dr. Quezado received at least 10 questions, compared with Dr. Sze's three, Dr. Sze quickly countered: "But my three were quality questions."