Thursday, December 16, 2010

HealthLeaders: 5 CFO-Friendly Pediatric Care Strategies

The most recent issue of HealthLeaders Magazine highlights budget friendly strategies that children's hospitals are implementing to provide high quality surgical care in more efficient and innovative ways.

The Sheikh Zayed Institute, including Kurt Newman, MD, senior vice president of both the Institute and the Joseph E. Robert, Jr., Center for Surgical Care at Children's National, and Nabile Safdar, MD, are featured under Success Key #3: Physicians and IT working together. The section focuses on the unique integration of technology and medical expertise built by the Institute.

"You see this approach in industry and business, and you see some aspects of this approach in various academic medical centers, but pulling together so many disciplines into one institution is highly unusual in academic medicine," Dr. Newman said."You'll see more hospitals and institutions adopt our integrated team model and approach toward innovation."

The story also features initiatives under way at other pediatric hospitals around the country, but with some themes quite familiar to the Sheikh Zayed Institute, including minimally invasive surgery, especially the use of robotics in pediatric procedures.

5 CFO-Friendly Pediatric Care Strategies, HealthLeaders Magazine, December 2010

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