Friday, January 28, 2011

January 27--Delegation concludes trip to UAE

As our week in the United Arab Emirates progressed, our Children’s National delegation grew. We were joined by Elizabeth Bradshaw, RN, Fran Cogen, MD, Jill Joseph, MD, PhD, and Gerard Martin, MD.

Every member of our team was there for a specific purpose, all related to building positive relationships with our partners in the United Arab Emirates, and working to find ways to help improve healthcare for children around the world. Members of our delegation traveled to different parts of the Emirates over the last week, speaking on issues including obesity, diabetes and heart problems and engaging in valuable discussions with medical experts on the ground.

On Wednesday, January 26, Evan Nadler, MD, gave a talk to an audience of approximately 250 medical professionals from around the region and the world at the Arab Healthcare Congress in Dubai. He addressed the issue of obesity in children and surgical options available today. Obesity is a challenge facing children in every part of the world today and exchanges of information between medical experts will be the key to finding ways to address the problem.

Larry Mahan, PhD, spent part of the week in Dubai, where he attended sessions at the Arab Health Congress, meeting with representatives from medical technology companies as well as medical experts discussing innovative ideas that might bring new solutions to the problems in pediatric surgery. He also took part in the US-UAE Healthcare Trade Mission, learning more about the challenges and opportunities that exist in the healthcare arena in the United Arab Emirates.

Gerard Martin, MD, and Elizabeth Bradshaw, RN, traveled to several cities in the Emirates, speaking with physicians and nurses about heart conditions in babies and exchanging best practices with their colleagues. Fran Cogen, MD, gave several talks on diabetes throughout the week at different hospitals and culminated her trip with a presentation on diabetes diagnosis and treatment at the Arab Healthcare Congress in Dubai on Thursday, January 27.

Other members of our delegation, including Jill Joseph, MD, PhD, spent their time engaged in partnership discussions with key members of the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi identifying ways to work together to help improve the health of children in Abu Dhabi.

Part of our Children’s National delegation returned to Washington, DC, today and the remaining members of our delegation will come home tomorrow. As we had our final dinner together in Abu Dhabi last night, one common reflection on their time and exchanges in the UAE, was that despite the miles and cultural differences between us, when you take time to speak with people, you can’t help but notice just how similar the challenges we face really are. We are all tied together by a common interest to find innovative solutions to solve the problems of surgery in children, and we are open to working together to reach that goal.

--Tania E. Paiva, Associate Director, Donor Relations

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