Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bioengineering Showcase

On Thursday, October 27, the Sheikh Zayed Institute held the first Bioengineering Showcase to demonstrate some current projects. Below are some images from the team demonstrations to give you a flavor of programs underway at the Institute.

It was standing room only during the showcase overview that kicked off the event.

Faculty engineer Ziv Yaniv, PhD, talks about the clinical challenges of two-dimensional imaging in surgery.

Institute researcher Emanuel Wilson demonstrates the novel robotic control system for flexible endoscopy, a unique device developed at the Institute.

Robert Fellow Mahdi Azizian, PhD, demonstrates what three-dimensional imaging might look like during surgery.

Another Institute researcher, Risto Kojcev, shows off the newest addition to the bioengineering lab, a KUKA seven degree of freedom robot arm, which is pressure sensitive and might be used one day for routine tasks like sutures.

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