Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 World Health Care Congress Middle East

Children’s National has once again sent a delegation to participate in the World Health Care Congress Middle East in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This is the second year of the conference, which gathers health care policy makers and leaders from the region and around the world to discuss better ways to deliver health care services.

Innovation continues to be a theme of the Congress, with particular emphasis on how innovations in terms of efficiency, waste reduction, and overall health system management can really improve a hospital’s bottom line. This is even true in times of economic instability, a global occurrence that demonstrates another shared challenge that is not limited by a country’s physical boundaries. 

Our delegations always benefit from these conferences because they are a great opportunity for us to spend time with our colleagues here in Abu Dhabi and the Gulf region face to face.  
Our full delegation attended the opening session.

Dr. Kim gives an interview to Abu Dhabi TV.