Thursday, December 15, 2011

Drs. Kim and Cora-Bramble speak at 3rd Annual SEHA Research Conference

In addition to the World Health Care Congress Middle East, Peter Kim, Vice President of the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation and Denice Cora-Bramble, Acting Executive Vice President, Ambulatory Services, Senior Vice President of the Goldberg Center for Community Pediatric Health at Children's National were asked to present two keynote talks at the 3rd Annual SEHA Research Conference, also held in Abu Dhabi. The theme for this year is "Research and Quality: Advancing Excellence in Healthcare."

Dr. Kim: Sustainable Translational Research: Fantasy or Reality?
Many academic medical centers around the world are putting renewed emphasis on translational research, or research that is quickly transferred from laboratory developments to clinical settings to improve care and treatment. Dr. Kim defined translational research and discussed why all translational research programs need to include several components of sustainability in order to have a lasting impact on health care. He outlined successful translational research already under way, and illustrated how such successes could be scaled up to create not just a single program but perhaps an entire research community or network aimed at building a sustainable ecosystem dedicated to translational research as the new worldwide research paradigm.

"The important thing is to identify enough ingredients in an effective research program to make a stable combination," he said. "Success is a matter of finding that right combination."

Dr. Cora-Bramble: Research Ethics: A Global Perspective
Over the past decades, research studies involving diverse populations have at times resulted in exploitation and harm to participants. Through a series of global case studies, Dr. Cora-Bramble discussed the principles and practice of ethical research and provided examples of research ethical lapses. She also addressed the importance of cultural and linguistic issues in research, and notable community and patient-centered research models, such as community-based participatory research, were presented during her workshop.

"Effective community based research has to be about more than just publishing a study. We have to look at how the study will impact the community, and actively engage the community throughout the process, including sharing the outcomes with them," she said.

The leadership of SEHA graciously recognized both Dr.Kim and Dr. Cora-Bramble
for their participation in the conference.