Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Innovative pediatric health system design at Arab Health

A delegation from Children’s National is in the UAE this week to participate in the Arab Health Congress in Dubai. We have three doctors presenting at different sessions of this Congress.

Peter Kim, Vice President of The Sheikh Zayed Institute, presented at the 5th Middle East Paediatrics Conference which is a subset of Arab Health. He took the opportunity to reiterate the importance of integrating research and education into the design of a healthcare system to improve clinical treatment and patient care in a sustainable way.

He believes that governments of the Gulf/MENA region have a unique opportunity to build a new healthcare “ecosystem” for pediatric care that, from the very beginning, integrates translational and applied research as well as education into the system design. He often uses the translational research model of the Sheikh Zayed Institute as an example of a system that combines and focuses these components together to impact children’s surgery.

“These collaborative approaches are yielding ideas and product development efforts more quickly than we’ve ever seen before,” he said. “In this brief period of time, through creating an environment that allows doctors to work with engineers and scientists to address medical challenges together from the start, we have seen some tremendous work that will revolutionize how we care for children who need surgery.”

He cited the Institute’s ongoing work to develop a device to measure pain, as well as the development of a  robotic controlled ureteroscope, both of which are entering prototype phases, as examples of how this model accelerates the movement of ideas to reality.