Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Washington Post: Kids and needles is sometimes a good match: Acupuncture can help with pain

Recently, Sarah Rebstock, MD, Children’s anesthesiologist and clinical director of the Pain Medicine Clinic, a program of the Pain Medicine Initiative at the Sheikh Zayed Institute, was part of an article about the increasing use of acupuncture to treat pediatric pain.

The story focused on one patient, Victoria Rust, who has been seen by the institute’s pain team and also received acupuncture from another Children’s anesthesiologist, Jennifer Anderson, MD. The acupuncture treatments helped Victoria’s pain. Additionally, Victoria reports that since starting a comprehensive pain medicine program, including acupuncture and other integrated therapies like psychological support with the pain team, she has been able to avoid a lengthy hospital stay (something she’s had many of in the past).

Dr. Rebstock advocates for the inclusion of research-based alternative therapies, including acupuncture and aromatherapy, that can help children cope with their pain. A comprehensive pain medicine program is designed for each child who is treated by the pain team, based on the unique needs of that child and his or her family.

Read the article here, and stay tuned for more news about our pediatric pain initiative in the coming months.

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