Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 DC STEM Fair: Children's National Medical Center gives awards to student innovators

Woodrow Wilson High School
Sheikh Zayed Institute Awards 3 Junior Scientists!

On Saturday March 23rd, Children’s National Medical Center participated in the DC STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Fair held at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington DC. More than three hundred students from 39 middle and high schools around the district, gathered to showcase more than 200 hundred projects, in categories such as Animal Sciences, Chemistry, Microbiology, Plant Sciences, and Engineering.

While the judges surveyed presentations, students stopped by to test out the Laparoscopic surgery trainer. Matthew Oetgen, MD, Orthopaedics and Sheikh Zayed Institute bioengineer Wen Li coached them through and helped them get a feel for the device. Students reported that the experience was “really cool,” and were extremely focused on performing the best “surgery,” possible.

 Around 4pm, judges hunkered down in a classroom to tabulate scores and determine the winners. The Sheikh Zayed Institute judges submitted their Junior Scientist picks for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Children’s National awarded 3 Junior Scientists:

•    1st place ($300) went to Liyana Ido of School Without Walls High School. Liyana’s project was in the medicine and health sciences category, and highlighted the effects of nutritional agents on the NAD+ content of breast milk. Liyana’s work indicated that a nursing mother’s diet could affect her baby’s metabolism.
•    2nd place ($200) went to Anthony Green of Friendship Collegiate Academy. Anthony’s Life Saver project was in the engineering category. This highschooler developed a device that uses both ultrasonic and light sensors to speedily recover and collect objects during a disaster, accident, or explosion.
•    3rd place ($100) went to Lauryn Mitchell of School Without Walls High School. Lauryn’s project was in the cellular and molecular biology category, and questioned Allura Red’s role in the cause of DNA damage. 
Winners: Liyana, Lauryn, and Anthony! 

The winners will tour the Sheikh Zayed Institute, and collect their prizes during their visit.

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