Friday, January 3, 2014

The Sheikh Zayed Institute is offering $250,000 to medical device companies that bring pediatric innovations to market

Thomson Reuter's medical technology digest Medical Device Daily featured the Sheikh Zayed Institute in today's volume. This issue announced the Institute's plans to award $250,000 to medical device companies whose goals are to bring pediatric innovations to market.

The award, part of the University of Maryland A. James Clark School of Engineering collaborative consortium, will give up to 5 projects $50,000 each to bring their technology to life.

Proposals should match the goal of the Sheikh Zayed Institute's and "address a significant yet unmet need within the pediatric population with a device that lends itself to commercialization." The Institute's Executive Director, Kolaleh Eskandanian noted in the article that the "ultimate goal for FDA and this consortia is to bring a product to market." Therefore, the proposals that will receive funding should seek to present new product concepts, not research.

This announcement is among the first to come out of the University of Maryland/Children's National Device Consortium.

For more information and ways to submit a proposal, visit